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How to set up an exhange email account on an iPhone 

*Please ensure you have a stable WIFI connection or that 3G/4G in turned on and has a good signal*

Go to the 'Settings' app and open. 

Tap the 'Mail, Contact and Caladner option. 

Tap the 'Exchange' option 

Then you will be presented with 'Email, Password and description'

Fill these out with the credentials of the account that you wish to set up. 
*description can be left blank or filled with exhange or whatever you like.*

After this has been filled, a POP up Message will appear saying server identity cannot be verified. There will be options please chose details and on the top right of your phone screen you should see trust, please tap trust. 

Then continue, and you will be presented with a screen where you can input a server, please input mail.1stdomainsexchange.co.uk

Underneath the server should be Domain, in this section please input adexchange

You will then be asked for username. This would have been provided to you by us. The username is usually firstname.surname
Password: we do not keep a record of your passwords after we have given you one. (we can reset if needed)

Tap save and then your exchange account will be set up on your phone. 

*Please always double check spelling when inputting credentials*

Contact us
Email: [email protected]

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